Training Program:                     updated 3/24/2015

For the 2015 season, the associations training committee is:  Mark Roberts, Matt Taylor and Nate Black.

** Per board motion 2/2012, the training committee will be filled by a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year director.  Also, the commissioner and associate commissioners participate.


Preseason Training sessions for 1st & 2nd year officials:

Regional training sessions in Harrisonburg, Waynesboro/Staunton, and Charlottesville.  To be determined if the Charlottesville group needs to split into geographic regions to save travel.

        4 total training sessions for this group:

2 class room settings in June and July

1 on field mechanics in July

1 Jamboree scrimmage in August

Preseason Training sessions for returning officials:

3 Training sessions:

2 class room settings:  film study, guest speaker, positon breakout discussions.

1 on field mechanics

Optional Preseason rules study for all:

Regional meetings in Harrisonburg, Waynesboro/Staunton, and Charlottesville. 

3 voluntary meetings:

1 meeting to cover Rule 2 or other power point/film study

2 meetings to cover 50 question casebook style test.

In-season training sessions for all officials:

2 Training sessions in September and October

1 election meeting beginning of November